What are Violet Wands / Violet Ray Devices?

Violet Wands / Violet Rays are essentially electro medical devices used to treat a whole range of ailments. You turn it on, it starts buzzing and the glass attachment in the wand handle glow violet

When placed near or next to the skin, a mild to intense prickly sensation can be felt as this energy is discharged around the body

The array of wierd and wonderful attachments were designed for different ailments or for different parts of the body

Violet Wands were manufactured throughout the last century in their thousands and were particularly popular in the 1920's and 1930's.

Styles and taste also varied, the earliest were in black or brown cases with velvet interior linings, the latter ones in bright colours and pvc - and despite the little extras some of them had, they all work in more or less the same way.

By the 1950's modern medicine was emerging - that is - it was more effective and more accessable than before. Many of the less scientific treatments like violet wands lost out and became less mainstream.

They are still made today although mostly for the cosmetics industry and these in particular lack the power of the older ones. The more powerful ones are also made, but they are expensive and you get far fewer attachments for your money.

With virtually every violet wand you get the following

a control unit with power knob/s - which produces a high frequency alternating current
a violet wand - which steps up this voltage to 30,000 - 50,000V
a collection of glass electrodes which glow violet
a few added extras - bits you hold - mirrors in the case - etc
occasionally a power control (knob or slide) in the wand handle as well
just sometimes - the wand and control unit are combined together as a single hand held violet wand

They output to the recipient-

  • high frequency
  • high voltage
  • low energy
  • electric current


mostly travels around the surface of the body - so it does not fry your insides
makes the electrodes glow violet - ionizing the near vacume which exists in the glass electrodes
sparks across small gaps - very visual
makes a loud buzzing sound when it is turn on

They were designed to be used on people, so thankfully their power output lies within certain parameters which were considered safe and acceptable for the time

The sensations they create depend very much on how they are used

  • at low power - slightly warm or slightly prickly
  • at high power - more of the above
  • in firm contact with the skin - mostly warmth
  • with a small gap between electrode and skin - mostly prickly

Then there are the glass electrodes

  • big and round - mild
  • small and round - moderate
  • multiple contact points, like a comb - moderate
  • small and pointed - intense
  • with a metal plate or wire in them - more intense
  • with a single wire in the tip - very intense

These devices also come in a vide variety of designs and added extras - as you can imagine when you realise Violet Wands have been made over a span of several generations. There are tiny sets in white pvc with just a few attachments, sets with controls in the wand handle, sets with dials and bits you hold on to - and huge sets which look as though they would have featured in a film with Boris Karlof.

Whichever you prefer is simply a matter of taste. They may look different and be large or small - but they all operate in more or less the same way and have similar power outputs - some more similar than others (perhaps)

They are now mostly bought by collectors of medical and scientific devices and there are some very rare and beautifully made Violet Wand sets which are highly prized. Likewise, some of the electrodes are very rare and by today's terms - too costly to make and therefore very desirable.

There is also quite an interest by the fetish community as an alternative to more "traditional" activities. Here they require something which is reliable, safe to use (as safe as they can be) and fun.




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